Saturday, June 2, 2012

FOR The People: One Step At A Time

While my blog, Jose Rizal Online, a human rights site, remains in suspense, it's important that I speak on issues that immediately affect my community.

This blog is primarily for The People of the State of Washington. It is a trying time-- regardless of unemployment figures dropping; I understand that government has to put a positive spin on any news-- for me and millions around the world. By starting with my own community, the voice of The People will be heard here first. Social media can help send our message to The People's elected leaders in the state as well as the federal government.

The People Of WA will offer new perspectives to decades' long ineptitude in the ability of elected leaders to represent the needs of their constituents. We will end the proliferation of the status quo. "Just another day" of unproductive leaders in Olympia, in county and city agencies spells doom for the rapidly evaporating (through deceitful business practices of Big Banks/Wall Street-- with the federal government's complicity) middle class of America.

The People Of WA have had enough. We will lead the nation in making practical, achievable change to improve the lives of ALL, not just some, of The People. This can be done now. The People have run out of options.

We live in America. I study the United States Constitution and the actions of our elected leadership and their twin, Big Banks/Wall Street, clearly violate the rights of The People.

Fortunately for The People, technological enhancements have given way to The Age Of Transparency. This is no longer a time of J. Edgar Hooverian strong-arm deceptions, subterfuges and authoritarian rule.

This time is for The People.

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