Friday, January 31, 2014

National Congress Of American Indians Releases Anti-Redskins Ad

No where in the history of mankind has a nation stood so tall as our #UnitedStatesof #America.

But the #DeclarationOfIndependence launched the racism that plagues the culture of our United States to this day. Let us not forget this passage, written for posterity by our Founding Fathers, to describe the continent's Indigenous Peoples:

, the merciless Indian Savages, whose known rule of warfare, is an undistinguished destruction of all ages, sexes and conditions.
... as the last of the "... Facts be submitted to a candid world" when our Founding Fathers severed ties with the tyranny of the King of Great #Britain.

The spirit, timelessness and integrity of history's most sacred document remain unaffected when the above clauses are removed. In 2014, even the #SupremeCourtOf The United States would deem the nakedness of such discriminatory diatribe UNCONSTITUTIONAL.

We all understand what our forefathers are conveying with, "He [the king]* has excited domestic insurrections amongst us, and has endeavoured to bring on the inhabitants of our frontiers."

Let #ThePeople bring #justice for our Indigenous Peoples, the nations & tribes whose land #ManifestDestiny seized, their livelihoods, cultures, traditions & way of life stolen, #terrorized & erased by invaders.

Let #truth & #transparency bring #integrity back for ALL of The People.
#TimeForChange. #Snohomish Tribe.

National Congress Of American Indians Releases Anti-Redskins Ad

Openly gay Republican seeks to make history in congressional race | Fox News

#Statusquo so silly. I know many #racist #Democrats so #stands to #reason #LGBTQ are #Republican, incl #TheChosenOne

Openly gay Republican seeks to make history in congressional race | Fox News

Vegetarian Super Bowl Recipes -

Haven't been this #excited for a #SuperBowl in years! Woke up this mornin' & told myself, "Two more dayz!" #GoHawks!

Vegetarian Super Bowl Recipes -

Monday, January 27, 2014

The Chosen One, John 3:16 and #ThePeople's Journey To The Mountaintop of #Equality In The 21st Century

Humour & laughter have gotten me through every conceivable scenario in life.

So lest one becomes tarnished with the simpleton misconception that The Chosen One is afflicted with dementia complicated by persecutory delusions, let us judge not.

First, I laugh at myself. All the time.

Second, if I couldn't laugh at the predicaments, the proverbial curve balls that come my- and every human being's- way, my God, what good is life but to perish at the earliest opportunity?

Soooo, as a nod to hip-hop's defiant moxie, I, the non-believer, anointed myself The Chosen One-inspired by the Sugarhill Gang.

Believers gasp. But wait...

If you're a believer, then you must know that we are all God's children. If you're a believer, then you must believe that I, too, Am His Beloved Child.

And we know that to be chosen by #Heavenly Father does not mean life is a feast, that with a wave of your hand, everyone cowers & obeys your command, that the best things in life showers you with abundance. Allegorically speaking, it's quite the opposite of fame, power or fortune to be The Chosen One (therein lies my humour).

Like a lot of people, I'm a sports fan. At every sports venue, we see the familiar John 3:16. I am not a biblical scholar so a google search reveals:
"For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life. For God did not send the Son into the world to judge the world, but that the world might be saved through Him.
And there we find the truth of The Chosen One. We The People have heard of another of God's children, Jesus Christ.

Like that other Child, The Chosen One's journey is not a road paved with gold. It is not a life of opulence, of excess, of wealth & power. Actually, existence for The Chosen One is lined with obstacles & challenges.

The Chosen One's journey is a life of arduous lessons, of mountains to climb, of battles fought for the forgotten & the dispossessed, of understanding the meaning of existence and, ultimately, of love for fellow woman & man kind.

One cannot be The Chosen One because life is easy.

I Am The Chosen One because I know that We The People, together-- our struggles are surmountable & that-- We Shall Overcome.

We can clean up #WallStreet & government corruption, the backwards ineptitude of the #statusquo that holds fast to its grip on the public. The status quo of racism, of prejudice & income inequality will be defeated by 2020.

#ThePeople do not need power or wealth at all. God has given #MainStreet #socialmedia.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Barack Obama: Tear Down The Walls Of Hypocrisy & #Racism; Deliver #Equality For ALL of #ThePeople

So I wonder why your cabinet doesn't reflect equality. I wonder why, when I see images of leaders in #thestateofwa's #Democratic party, there's no difference in its racial integration from the easily & often called-out #Republicans. Tonight, the home page for the Washington State Democratic party shows only white-people. And boiled crustaceans. Not a single person-of-color. This, from the party of equality?

I am often asked why I continue to support the Republican party.

My answer: Republicans don't mock #MyDream of #racial #marriage & #economic #equality. Some- not all- disagree but they listen. Not so with your party of diversity & inclusion.

Democrats in my state never respond to my attempts at communicating my concerns about equality other than ignorance of my pleas for dialogue; many have attacked my #civilrights, my ability for an equal opportunity to be included in the pursuit of my social & political livelihood as an American citizen. I have had my media hardware seized by members of your party, my private information illegally accessed which, if indeed Civil Rights violations are felonious acts, the Department of Justice & the #FBI ought to investigate fully if the #NSA does not already have the abundant data available for law enforcement review.

The harassment, the character assassination, the isolation & exclusion, the taunts - are these the values that you personally share within the Democratic party of our transparent 21st Century? Is this what will make your daughters proud when they look back at your presidency?

My dream is the same dream of Abraham Lincoln, of Martin Luther King, Jr. & countless other Civil Rights Advocates. I want to see #Diversity #Inclusion & #Equality. The process has stalled. Your leadership must be accountable to the dreams of ALL Americans.

I am disappointed that, in particular, Asians remain invisible in American board rooms & halls of government at the local, county, state & federal levels. The lack of diversity is the biggest reason that the ineptitude of the status quo continues to wreck the global economy. In my state, #WSDOT continues to waste scarce taxdollars. 

I have a dream: I would like an Asian American nominated for the Supreme Court of Our United States at your earliest opportunity.

I am not alone. 

The #TimeForChange has come. Our nation & the world are counting on your leadership to lift up the masses, the tired, the poor, the hungry, the forgotten. 

President Obama, this is your time for #deliverance. I stand beside you.

Health apps, new tech continue to help users live a healthy lifestyle | Fox News

#MapMyWalk keeps me burnin' #football season #cal; beat #genetics. 2 more weeks & it'll all be maintenance & #fun ;)

Health apps, new tech continue to help users live a healthy lifestyle | Fox News

Saturday, January 25, 2014

About Richard Sherman: America, Time To End Racism & Hypocrisy in The 21st Century

Richard Sherman, I have empathy. 

I was not aware of the thug reference to your post-game interview until yesterday. [I didn't have to ponder deeply after seeing the interview moments after the 'Hawks sealed the win over the 49ers. I looooooved it & said so on Facebook.]

Passion is not rage, intensity is not a predisposition for violence against society. Confidence is not a threat.

Moxie is a beautiful thing in sports; an athlete's competitive spirit is very different from the insecure, low self-esteem core of thugs that lead to irrational thoughts & acts.

Like Ali, being the greatest is what competition is all about. To be the best you have to think it if you wanna be it. Ya gotta believe in yourself.

But society is still whitewashed with the misguided 19th & 20th Century, KKK-ish fear of those who are different from the staid, boring exclusive residents of Dullsville, American society, one that is still ruled by the white statusquo & our still very white media. 

So #MainSt America is forced to contend, still, even in 2014, with racism & its wicked step sister, hypocrisy. If you're white, things are cozy.

White hip-hop artist Eminem lyrics reflect deep rage that is accepted as talent, as art. U kiddin' me? LMAO. No one called Miss Beiber a thug for drag-racing in Miami.

Ever been to a hockey game... or seen a baseball brawl? Talk about violence! Those players oughta be charged with assault for each incident. But they're white. Rules are different, you see. Nothing happens; no consequences; only glory & lotsa rewards.

Ever been around a bunch of surfers? Surfers should be in Wikipedia as entries for cocky, offensive & arrogant personality types. Again, if you're white, you are privileged. 

I know what it's like to be called names.

The Chosen One chooses to stand for equality. In the course of my attempts to call out racism, to insist that Diversity & Inclusion become practice vs preached by those who allege to also stand for racial equality, I have been vilified & villainized- as if there are different brands of MLK's dream, of Lincoln's vision in our society, where I've been told #EqualityIsForEverybody.

The thugs America needs to worry about are on #WallSt, at #BigBanks, in the halls of Congress, in your state capitals. They're part of the subversive American institution of racism; an institution- supported by its media- that feels threatened by a person-of-color who talks about confidence, success & winning.

So let's not deride a great player for what he said seconds after makin' a great play in the #CityofSeattle's biggest game as some underhanded Shakespearean villain- like Richard III. Now he's a thug.

Richard Sherman is a Stanford-educated, talented athlete. This Richard is not a thug but is a very real, competitive, passionate player whose transparency makes racist America a little uncomfortable. 

This Richard is a supremely gifted, electrifying ☆, arguably the best in his position, whose hand propelled his team to the #SuperBowl. He's as much a thug as my 15-yr-old deaf pug #Courage! 

Good Luck to you & the Seattle Seahawks next week!

Friday, January 24, 2014

Bertha not moving, and mystery continues | Q13 FOX News

Sad #Ineptitude of #statusquo must end. Speakin' of #tragicomedy, revisiting Richard III & #12thNight in the morrow.

Bertha not moving, and mystery continues | Q13 FOX News

Goldie Hawn: Woes of young stars like Justin Bieber 'heartbreaking' -

Was invited to her & Kurt's #Malibu home years ago. Both so real. Sad not everyone adjusts to #fame #power #fortune.

Goldie Hawn: Woes of young stars like Justin Bieber 'heartbreaking' -

Mayor Murray and staff share a weekend of reflection, unity, and hard work in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. | Mayor Murray

#LOVE #Seattle #CityHall #diversity. #MLK #Lincoln #CivilRights #Advocates of all #colors would feel & SEE #EQUALITY

Mayor Murray and staff share a weekend of reflection, unity, and hard work in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. | Mayor Murray

Marijuana export could pay off Hawaii’s debts, lawmaker says | Fox News

Have long contended #marijuana #will lift #mybirthnation out of #poverty#green#gold stifled by #statusquo idiocy. Our entire #planet could #benefit from this untapped resource. The #alternative is #starvation for hundreds of #millions...

Marijuana export could pay off Hawaii’s debts, lawmaker says | Fox News

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Audacity Of Silence: Insecurity of My Own People-Of-Color & Too Many Democrats Mock MLK's Dream of Equality

With the United States’ living, breathing Constitution compelling even the biggest bigots to recognize the full & equal dignity of every human being living on our homeland, it’s a disappointing realization to know that, while we have journeyed far as a nation in the world of equal rights, not ALL of #ThePeople have ascended to the mountaintop of #equality.

Our nation’s current #President has done a lot for the rights of America’s #LGBTQ community but, in its wake, I am concerned that the quest for racial equality has been swept aside as if racism has already been erased, as if #diversity & #inclusion have already graced the boardrooms & governing bodies of this great country.

As a person of color, I am alarmed by the apathy, hypocrisy & outright laziness infecting our population of color along with many on the left, the many- not all- white Democrats, when it comes to the struggle for equality. But I can understand.

Centuries of being beaten down, mocked, ridiculed, attacked & even murdered have scared my fellow persons of color into silence. And there are some people of color who are drunk with their own perceived success, who have been accepted & allowed to prosper by the powerful #statusquo. As a consequence, they remain silent in exchange for approval & financial rewards, acceptance into exclusive white circles of social & economic power, these are equality’s greatest nemesis in the current century; they naively mock today’s #CivilRights advocates as misguided, laughing as if we are on some quixotic quest.

But I understand.

We all have bills, car payments, vacations, football games, rent or mortgages to pay.  Our livelihoods depend on the paycheck we earn.

So I understand.

But look at the price society has to pay for your silence, for you turning your back on your fellow men & women even as you purport to support equality & Civil Rights. The economy is in shambles; The People of Main Street starve, live in the streets, needlessly unable to find work because discrimination & prejudice still are the rule in America.

Next time your managers are gathered together, take a good look at them. Chances are, they are male & white. You, the person of color, you the woman, are likely more talented & smarter. But you're staring at the statusquo that has controlled the globe for the past 600 years. These guys love your silence, your fear, your acceptance of their discrimination.

So shame on you, man of color, woman of color, who have reaped the rewards from the sweat & blood of your predecessors of color, you who enjoy prosperity in exchange for treachery, for mocking the struggle of your fellow men & women whose skin color- not their skill or abilities- define their social, economic & political standing in this, the 21st Century. 

Your hubris, I do not understand.  

If you think equality has been achieved, show me in pictures. Show me your organization’s management team, your political group. I wanna see diversity & inclusion. For ALL of The People on Main Street, Wall Street & government agencies.

Department of Justice, FBI, NSA, #WallStreet, are you listening to this?

Show me equality so that I know & understand we have indeed reached themountaintop.

I know you can not. And you know why?

You,the silent person of color, are the biggest obstacle in the quest for the equal rights of man & woman kind. Your silence betrays the Civil Rights of all Americans.

You must remember: the United States Constitution has your back! 

It is #TimeForChange. For you, for America.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Damage of Racism In Today's Society: Like The Nazis

Grandfathered repeatedly over time [as measured in centuries] into every position of power in government & business, the #statusquo bastion of white European authority shows an impregnable reluctance to play fair in the 21st Century- even as it preaches equality & purports to hold the dignity of ALL Earth’s peoples, regardless of skin color, race or origin, in the highest regard.

In the last 500 years, people of color - even those residing on ancestral lands must fight for parity, are forced to climb from the lowest #social #political & economic positions. What’s true in India is true in South America; what proves true in Africa & Asia rings with resounding clarity in our United States. 

Today, it remains a dangerous vocation to be an #Advocate for #CivilRights. For me, fortunately, it's much easier to speak up than be silenced.

In America, even the liberal left, the powerful Democrats continue to reflect a white washed leadership. Sure, the left talks about being inclusive. But this inclusiveness is hardly visible when you see the inner-circles of its leadership standing together in news conferences & #selfie  photo opportunities. One might see an occasional black person (with white features) in these powerful circles, and even a light sprinkle or two of Latinos, but rarely an Asian.

Asians are not even in the conversation for the next judicial nominee for the SCOTUS. Asian characters on TV still reflect Anglicized last names; even left-of-center Hollywood has not journeyed much past Mrs.Livingston from #TheCourtshipOfEddie’sFather. The actress Ming-Na Wen’s roles include being cast as Judy Roberts, Jenna Sparks, Elisha Crowe;  what’s wrong with assigning the Asian name to her role as, say, Wang Xiu Wong?

In the US, it seems the reason change is slow is that racism continues to be the rule whether you’re a Democrat, Republican or Independent.

And racism explains why corruption is rampant.

The lack of diversity & inclusion in the nation’s businesses & government allows the white race to run all over the Constitution. Just look at the parade of leaders testifying in front of ourdo-nothing Congress… all white folk whether it’s the #NSA, #IRS, #DOJ, #FBI, #WallStreet. 

Have you ever stopped to think that these idiots don’t know what the hell they’re doing in their respective positions? Why do you think the economy crashed? Because these white fools had the skills & abilities to lead a bank or a government agency? No. Regardless of their ineptitude, they got their jobs because they were well connected with the European status quo that dates back to the global age of exploration.

It’s stunning that none of these white criminals ever go to jail, yet their deliberate damage to society is Nazi-like in magnitude. Hundreds of millions of lives ruined; trillions & trillions of dollars lost. Yet no consequence; only prosperity for the white criminals. And who pays, every time? #ThePeople of Main Street.

There is one area that is accurate: just as they are in government & Wall Street, most criminals on popular crime shows are played by white people. [Sadly amusing, however, is that the prison populations in the US tend to be dominated by people of color.]

2014 is a turning point in our nation’s history. Racism cannot continue to suffocate the sacred cause of equality.

The age of technology is a powerful thing for Main Street. 

The average citizen, even an economically disadvantaged person of color, can effect change by calling out hypocrites on social media who continue to talk the talk of diversity & inclusion while practicing no such thing.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Diversity & Inclusion: The Fulfillment of The United States Constitution By 2020

The sacred cause of #equality is a constant battle; my devotion to the Constitution of our United States is not just a flavor of the month or year fight. The struggle for human rights & dignity for ALL- not just some- Of #ThePeople streams forth from every pore of my body.

White folk, no matter how inclusive, can never know the sting of #racism; it's easy for someone who has never walked in the shoes of the #oppressed to mock the#dignity of someone who wants to be treated equally or to dismiss the fight for equality as a leftover thorn from the 1960s.

This is the 21st Century, folks! Look at the nation’s own President #Obama. He's been forced into #silence about racism by the powerful #statusquo that has ruled this nation with clenched fist since #TheDeclarationOfIndependence derided the continent’s indigenous peoples.

Racism is not a #Republican #issue. I have long maintained that #bigots abound in the#Democratic party, in so-called liberal circles that allege equality has already been achieved.

In my own state & to highlight the hypocrisy, #WashingtonUnitedForMarriage's #imagery in its political & presumably social ads of 2012 asserted that every #LGBTQ person, their friends & family was white! I wrote emails to its leadership asking why people of color were not represented in its marketing campaigns yet in all rallies & marches, every fundraiser, there were people of color galore leading the charge.

My correspondence did not net a single response. Instead, I was attacked; my name slandered. I discovered that even in this, the 21st century, #civilrights advocacy is as dangerous to one’s well-being as it has been since Europeans arrived on America’s shores.  

I wrote #Inslee's people. Again & as the #NSA can attest to #ThePeople, no response came.

There is no difference between the staffs & cabinets of governors & presidents of the nation. From Obama's cabinet, through the halls of Congress & down to every level of federal, state, county agencies, not much has changed in their racial make-up over the centuries. Republican, Democrat, Independent, whatever, white folk are challenged to walk the walk of diversity & inclusion. In the exclusive white bastion of power & resulting corruption that put today's government & our economy into a quandary, it's still 1950. No room at the inn for people of color- especially if you're Asian!

So to say that equality has arrived on the doorstep of every American’s home is to mock the #spirit of the #FoundingFathers, #Lincoln, #MLK & every person of color past, present & future that ever fought for equality.

Let's get real, America. #ShowMeEquality. Don't force a lie down the throats of #America- and the #world.

If you have to #launch an aggressive offensive to convince me that #equality exists for everybody or post images of you standing next to people of color to prove you're not racist, it's time for a heart-to-heart examination of the true state of equality in 21st Century America.

I'd rather enjoy time w/my pets or tend to flowers in my garden than fight hate & prejudice. If you say equality has arrived, then show me... because millions of us are not seeing it.

Until equality has been realized by every person on our homeland, I will keep marching up that mountain of MLK’s dream; until #ThePromise of our #Constitution becomes a reality. For ALL of The People.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Let's Not Underestimate #ThePeopleofWA's Needs

This related to #Velveeta shortage? How can this be #Master? #StateofWA: learn from #Colorado bein' forced to ration pot!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Eastside Catholic students plan another rally for fired administrator | Q13 FOX News

Coulda kept his job w/a #divorce? OMG. Happy #Christian students rallyin'! #Constitution trumps #religion operating a business that employs #ThePeople. * Am still chagrined I'm divorced- yet never #married... like everyone else who is divorced. This lack of alignment cruel, unusual & #UNconstitutional.

Eastside Catholic students plan another rally for fired administrator | Q13 FOX News