Monday, October 2, 2017

HUMANITY OF A PUG: COURAGE, A Snapshot of An Amazing Journey At Da Dawghouse w Princess, Auzzie, Hercules, Elvis, Victor, Oscar and 4 Hens

I first met Courage [along w his nemesis, Victor the English Bulldog] in fall 2001 when they lived in Kirkland WA. When not socializing, cuddling or napping, he was on the quest for that next treat. 

Courage's Favorite Hobby: πŸ˜‹πŸ˜„ Treat Hunting. He loved to eat and would even steal treats from his rottweiler buddies Elvis and Oscar. He was taller & larger than your average pug. If he wasn't with Elvis or Oscar, he was with me. At the park, on our walks, "Your pug is huge!" was a common refrain. :)

Victor hated most dogs, incl Courage, and only liked 4 people-- I'm glad I was one of them. πŸ’˜ He was somewhat of a bully to Courage so I kept a close watch anytime they were in the same space.πŸ‘€

Eventually, Courage moved into Da Dawghouse to join Elvis and Oscar; soon, Victor followed. 

Elvis and Oscar loved to watch TV. Courage did not.

Courage The Compassionate

Most striking was his beautiful friendship w Oscar. They were inseparable. Oscar and Courage loved to sit outside my home office and the two of them proudly sitting side-by-side was a familiar sight. 

In spring 2006, Oscar developed Addison's Disease. Courage's best friend succumbed that July. 

As we quietly reflected in the living room that warm July morning, Courage suddenly jumped off the couch and walked toward Oscar's bed. He slowly circled Oscar's body, walking, focused, sniffing curiously the entire way, and, finally, he gently rested his head on his fallen friend and closed his eyes. I thought, "My gosh, this is how humans mourn." 

He did not move until it was time for Oscar to leave. πŸ’” He refused his next 2 meals and ate little the next few days. I tried to comfort him but even treats didn't work.

Poor Oscar. He was in and out of the hospital in his final months.

In the following weeks, Courage still sat outside my office but it was obvious something had affected his spirit.

  Resilient Courage eventually bounced back. Here he is 3 mos later as Batman with Superman Elvis walking around Greenlake shortly after he turned 7.

Elvis and Courage goin' for a ride.

 Courage and Elvis soon formed a close bond.

One of the 10 times Courage ever barked. In Hillsboro, Oregon w/Elvis. "You have to stand for the national anthem before we play ball!" 

At our favorite Portland hotel. Grumpy Ole Man Victor couldn't get on the couch so everyone was safe (he once started a kitchen brawl✋ v Elvis AND Oscar that I had to break up).


πŸ’› Auzzie the shih tzu arrived before Christmas in 2006. πŸ’› Princess the Papillon flew in from Alaska in 2008. πŸ’› 

Auzzie adored Courage and delighted in hanging out w him.
My pretty Papillon Princess.
Hercules and Courage.
Boz stayed w us for a few months. 
πŸ’› Hercules the pug lived w us off-and-on for 5 yrs and was a familiar fixture til early 2012

Courage became fast friends w 
πŸ’› Bozley the Great Dane, summer of 2012. He played big brother to young Boz, kept him in line via his adorably unique puggish style. Both Herc and Boz sported amazingly expressive faces.

When hens πŸ” Madonna and BeyoncΓ© πŸ” first arrived, Courage was enthralled, gave chase. He's fast when he wants something and quickly caught up w the girls (I set down my phone to make sure it was a peaceful meeting). After he got a chance to sniff them, they all lived harmoniously. Silkies πŸ” Paris and Nicky Hilton πŸ” soon joined The Trinity in 2013.

My FurNFeathers teach me compassion.

I remember his first health episode summer 2015 sayin' to myself, "God, if you give me 2 more days w/him, I will be eternally grateful." He had developed bronchitis. 

In the initial days of 2017, decided to keep a set of Christmas lights up in the living room. When it came on each night, it was my reminder to focus on appreciating each day with Courage as a special gift. I thought he might have a few weeks then. πŸ’–

But he remained engaged, following me everywhere, being demanding, being himself. My birthday was super-special. Spring blossoms looked more vibrant than ever as baseball season started. He sat next to me as Golden State won another championship. He even made it to football season! 

So our Christmas lights in the living room have come on each night all year and will do so until his ashes come home. 

Now, it's just me and Princess, whose intelligence is on par w that of Elvis.

Every pet who's walked beside me during my amazing journey has enhanced my own humanity. I am so blessed to have shared a wonderful life w Courage- the most loyal and loving of companions. As each of my FurNFeathers have crossed the rainbow bridge, the gorgeous memories shine ever brighter. Thank you, Heavenly Father, for blessing me with such loving companions.

Hercules Auzzie Courage Princess sunbathing.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Pay Tribute To #America's #Military #Sacrifices By Speaking Up

I do not take #freedom and #liberty for granted. My constitutional and #CivilRights are divine gifts delivered by #AmericanHeroes.

I now fully understand my responsibility to speak up in matters that attack another human being's #dignity.

It is disappointing to #imagine that, in 2015, #MainSt still finds itself climbing the mountaintop of equality.#ThePeople's livelihood continue to endure assaults from #racists #bullies #hypocrites #misogynists #homophobes isis who all rely on our silence.

21st Century a #TimeForChange. Real change. It's an everyday #struggle-- behind the scenes, if you #will, and not just when there's a media reported incident involving police, a bakery or a bully.

Both of my brothers are veterans.

When I #StandForEquality, it is my tribute to them and America's service women and men killed or wounded (whether physical, emotional or mental) in #defense of our freedom. When I speak up for #Diversity #Inclusion, #MyVoice is inspired by military grit and my gratitude, humility and appreciation.

All our lives matter. #EqualityIsForEverybody. #WarEagleForPeace. #WoundedWarriors

Monday, May 11, 2015

Bruce Springsteen - Born to Run

For 40 daze 40 nights I #DREAMED of #WALKin' again; tonight I dream of #DANCING again. #Like the whole #world is watchin' #LOL

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Obama on immigration: Progress 'not always a straight line'

Immigration complex. The reality is an invisible population whose dignity has been trampled. Where would America's prosperity be without #indigenouspeoples from #southoftheborder? Let's do the right thing and stop the pretending. The solution should be specific to Latin America, incl Mexico. South America? Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid went there so, fine, include it.

IF you crossed an ocean to get here, sorry. But ya don't have to leave. For you, there's Plan B. Can be hashed out in one session of Congress.

American is a land of opportunity. For ALL of The People. I #StandForEquality. I know #Diversity #Inclusion make us the greatest nation in #Earth's history. #TimeForChange.


Obama on immigration: Progress 'not always a straight line'

Monday, March 2, 2015

Hillary Clinton Exclusively Used Personal Email While Secretary of State -

#Sinister #illegal & so 20thCent #statusquo. #Epic #moronic act worthy of, say, someone in #Congress. #Unacceptable #otherwise. Supported #Hil til #Benghazi. #IAm w #BidenForPresident #Democratic #nomination

Hillary Clinton Exclusively Used Personal Email While Secretary of State -

Friday, February 20, 2015


WSDOT #statusquo #favors #wealth #over #needs of Kenmar Bual Main Street Hub between Lynnwood Washington & BellevueWashington ThePeople #GoodToGo  #but #toll #unconstitutional an #attack on middleclasseconomics  #TimeForChange #VoteForChange #NewLeadership #Vision

WSDOT - Tolling - I-405 Express Toll Lanes

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Soft and Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe | Martha Stewart Recipe & Video | Martha Stewart

Got asked earlier. Do I look religious? LOL #Identify #LDS > #Catholic but #goodsport #IAm go w #theflow so no #chocolate. And it's more than 40 days & 40 nights... should be lookin' #good for #Easter! :)

Soft and Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe | Martha Stewart Recipe & Video | Martha Stewart