Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Perfect View: The State Of #Equality #Diversity & #Inclusion @TheOscars Mirror 50 Years of #Change on #MainSt

Meryl, Julia, Matthew, I love you all. 

But it's becoming increasingly difficult to remain silent about the glaring lack of #diversity & #inclusion in Hollywood. Sunday night, 43 million viewers caught a long look at the state of #Equality in #America. 

Now Tinseltown has always been considered the liberal bastion, a champion for the #CivilRights of man & womankind. But Hollywood needs a serious makeover, one that's more inclusive of, in particular, #Asians- as well as #Latinos, #AfricanAmericans & #IndigenousPeoples.

As it stands, when I watch the Oscars, I see very little has changed over the last 50 years. It is still a white-only industry & little opportunity exists for people-of-color. So I've decided to boycott future episodes of a racist institution.

Was telling a friend the other day, people-of-color spend hundreds of millions supporting bank accounts of decision-making entities- writers, directors, producers, studio execs- that continue to hold fast to racist traditions. But apparently a person can only have star-power if his or her skin is white? 

This is the 21st Century & 2014, #ThePeople of #MainSt want to see #Diversity #Inclusion & #Equality on their media.

Racism continues to plague all segments of our society- from the right all the way to the liberal left. You kiddin' me? Democrats talk the talk of equality but if you look at your typical management team from Anywhere, #USA, privately held or publicly traded companies, our city, county, state & federal government, you may have a tough time discerning anything about the political views of the play makers other than the white skin most of them have. It's a grand time for grandfathered racism that dates back to our Declaration of Independence's derision of Native Peoples as "merciless savages" & the racist horrors of colonialism. 

In most places, there's not much difference in the racial diversity whether it's the right or left, Republican, Democrat in charge of #ThePeople's affairs. In most of America, it's still the 1950s & 1960s..

America, let's start with Hollywood, #TimeForChange.

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