Tuesday, June 11, 2013

US leaker faces hard choices while in hiding | KING5.com Seattle

 This is not America: we have an administration, a white house, a country run by corruption-- especially prominent in the halls of Congress & the bastions of Wall Street. It's a 1950s, 20th Century political machination drivin' the US Constitution into the ground. It's sinister, Nazi-like. When a member of The People of Main Street America voices outcry against corruption, it is ignored. Note the IRS focus on retraining, sweeping internal investigations of wrongdoing under the rug by the state department, lies by agency head after agency head to the American people... and nothing happens to these guys, ever... other than getting richer for neglecting their duties to the Constitution. It turns a blind eye to its own criminal activity... but then when an individual, a concerned American speaks up, peacefully, the full might of the US federal government is launched immediately to squelch dissent. The hot pursuit by "indignant" Congressmen and women, DOJ preparing charges = launching a nuclear strike on Main Street 'cuz someone actually stood for truth & integrity. Now, remember, these feds and leaders (use the term loosely) are the same idiots that ignore criminal activity w/in its agencies... squash reporters who inquire, cover their tracks well misusing authority & position....they wine, dine, take their indignities to the bank, retire wealthy and comfortable. To me, that's treason, to enrich yourself at the expense of the United States Constitution.
7 minutes ago · LikeUS leaker faces hard choices while in hiding | KING5.com Seattle

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