Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Doctor - Julius Erving Documentary

Goodness. Doc is my favorite basketball player of all time. As an athlete, on par with Bo Jackson. Last night, walked by w/my dawgs past 2 high school ballers playin' hoop around the corner. They've gotten taller, skills improved over the past year. Got challenged for 2-on-2. Now, I'm 53 but told 'em, "Don't get too confident, you haven't seen me play. I'm Dr. K!" (LOL... of course, I also told 'em that my teammate is my next door neighbor Austin- their age- who's taller that both of 'em!) ANYway, Doc inspires my athleticism to this very day. What an amazing athlete who revolutionized the game... Oh man, his moves are still legendary, even by today's standards! When I look at a hoop, whether it's at the gym or a playground or on the street, I see it as Doc woulda seen it. Straight to the hoop and over anyone... right down their throats! LOL... Like the Converse ad, in awe, I ask, "Hey Dr. J, where'd ya get those moves? Are you a member of the human race?" #Legend. 

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