Monday, February 3, 2014

Black History Month 2014: #ThePeople Continue Its Ascent On To The #Mountaintop *** Attacking A #CivilRightsAdvocate Does Not #Equality Make & Why The Struggle For Racial, Marriage & Economic Equality Remain An Uphill Battle in 21st Century

Kenmar Vibar Bual shared NAACP's photo.

Why #discrimination continues to #prevail in the 21st Century: silence. It's#disgusting how #silent people-of-color are- even when the sacrifice, blood, sweat, terror & fear of other people-of-color- along with #friendly white folk- are the reasons why, in 2014, they enjoy prosperity & jobs. #Think about it, the progress you, the person of color, enjoy, your prosperity came at the sacrifice of others before you- and the best you can do is remain silent- & worse, #mock the #struggleof others tryin' to make a livin'? What a shame. What an embarrassment that you#StandForEquality. The #struggleforequality continues until WeThePeople reach the mountaintop...

Apparently, Brian Douglas is KING's BRAND?


Kenmar Bual
3:32 PM (2 minutes ago)
to newstipsme
I'd like a response from your station about this guy...

This white-lookin' guy knows alot about racism: "hey man... way to make it about race... you have zero clue or idea what my ethnic or cultural background is, but in 2014 it's sad to see someone who claims to be a "Civil, Human & Animal Rights Advocate" would only comment on a person's skin color."

Meet 'New Yawk Seahawk' - a native NYC Seahawks fan
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