Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Fifty Years After The Civil Rights Act, Equality Still A Dream For Millions Of Americans

I keep hearin’ it’s the 21st Century; that in 2014, equality has been achieved with regard to race, marriage & economics.
What most of ya’ll are afraid to say is that we are far from the mountaintop. For millions of Americans of color, #ThePromisedLand is 99 yards away. And it’s 3rd down.
So whether you’re #Democrat or #Republican #Tea or Green, lemme say again, “Equality ain't right if everybody's white.”
If you disagree, then kindly explain your brand of equality so I can get on your page.
You may have read the KIRO-TV news story that found 90% of the State of Washington’s legislature is white, two-thirds of them male. Have you walked around Seattle or Bellevue or Vancouver recently? The population of this state is diverse. Walk through any university campus- or Microsoft- you’re gonna see diversity.
No wonder state leaders have no empathy for the struggles of persons-of-color. 
I’ve often contended that if you’re an unemployed middle-aged male, there is no temporary assistance available like there is for women with kids; for elderly & disabled people (all deserving of help). Makes me think the rich old white men who designed our outdated 20th Century social programs had race in the back of their minds. I mean, who wants to help a black man? Doesn’t sound compassionate, does it?
Let’s talk about job qualifications. You may have also read the article about the resignation of Acting ICE Director Sandweg after only five months. It’s no secret he wasn’t the best qualified American for the job. But he is white. And well connected to the #statusquo & the ineptitude that comes with it. A fundraiser for ex-Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano from their days in Arizona. Sandweg rode to Washington on Janet’s heels & his resignation is a promising sign that perhaps Washington is getting the message.
Let me bring racism- and job qualifications- in American business closer to home.
You think Shia LaBeouf goofed?
Years back, I worked with colleagues under an all-white management team. I'm not one to complain about skin color if you're my manager- provided that you're qualified for the job.
These managers were nice & civilized. Initially.
None of 'em could write a sentence, let alone a coherent marketing plan, but I liked 'em as human beings.
One of the managers "came up" with a process for my entire division to adhere to. Literally pulled a marketing plan out of thin air. Dismissed metrics fundamentals & due diligence research, decreeing that marketing is not a science but an art in which abundant data the company collected held no value or relevance for our client's needs.
This manager’s marketing plan made no sense whatsoever. So I researched it, starting with a search on Google.
Turns out someone else authored the thing- for a different industry... with customer types whose behaviours were influenced by more prosperous times circa 2005-2006. This was after BofA, Chase, WaMu execs destroyed the American- and global- economy.
I was like, "Are you kiddin' me? So we’re marketing to & targeting consumer types who had lavish bank accounts- vs what was, by then, a severely financially weakened customer base with diminishing purchasing power & skyrocketing unemployment? And our client believes we are giving them an authentic world-class product and/or service?”
Submitted my findings- conducted on my own personal time- in a red flag laden, 35-page treatise, complete with citations & sources, to my managers, who then escalated it to their superiors for review. Included was my own marketing plan plus a recommendation that our general counsel review the matter for possible copyright infringement since it contained verbatim passages from the original author’s website.
Of course my would-be marketing genius colleague was white so the all-white senior managers laughed at my contributions. The management then feted & promoted her for her crystal ball approach to science, salary increase and all... the works. I was then reassigned to the newly formed team she managed.
There were other curious incidents, especially regarding suspicious data being reported to clients, & since #MainSt's tax dollars via #TARP funds had by then infused all of America’s financial institutions & #WallStreet, I did what any citizen- out of fairness for everyone involved- would do & turned the matter over to law enforcement, including the white-led #FBI & #AttorneyGeneral, for investigation on behalf of The People.
My point is that racism wrecked the American economy. Main Street has not recovered from the debacle so let's not forget that every single Wall Street executive- Al Greenspan included, btw- who triggered the recession is white. And since none of them have ever been prosecuted or jailed or held personally accountable, these idiots are still in charge, collectively raking in billions. The prospect of their next act is frightening & inevitable.

My observations are hardly profound. Or unique.
I know most folks need their jobs to pay for cars, homes, utilities, vacations.The status quo has pride & power. Who has the guts & financial resources to take a stand against racism & the resulting corruption?
But we must. It will take courage & sacrifice, like it always has for all Civil Rights advocates but, together, Asian, black, Latino, Native American, European, We Shall Overcome.
Every business in America touts Equal Opportunity for all, that they hire without regard to race, skin color, national origin, yabba dabba doo, that your qualifications & experience are the main considerations in your prosperity, not that you have blonde hair & blue eyes.
Oh really? Then show me. Show me equality in your business, your leadership, your organization.
The reality is you can't.
The only way to ensure the survival of the American livelihood is to break up the status quo that has wreaked havoc on this land since the Atlantic was crossed.
The promise of The Constitution can only be fulfilled through #transparency, #diversity & #inclusion.
America, it is time for #EqualityNow!

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  1. The dreadful #statusquo has pride. And wields colossal authority & power: