Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Struggle For Equality Is An Everyday Thing Until We, #ThePeople, Reach The Mountaintop

I find it peculiar, striking & very disappointing that most folk, even those on the #liberal side who proclaim (when cameras are rolling) their staunch support for the #equalrights of man & woman kind, only find the time to speak-up against atrocities when somebody gets killed or when a jury renders a verdict that diminishes the #dignity of a human being, as with the Michael Dunn trial in Florida.

But on every other day, the rest of ya'll are silent as you tip-toe through the tulips, forgetting that the struggle for equality is a daily challenge for millions of Americans, including people-of-color & women you know.

On every other day, there is derision, disdain toward advocates for #CivilRights & equality. As if the outcry has no basis.

Now, the right wing is the right wing. It's easy to call them out. It happens everyday & nobody even blinks.

What I'm concerned with is the audacity of silence from the left.

It's been 50 years since the Civil Rights Act & there's a reason why racism & discrimination continue to plague American society. Is it the fault of Republicans? Again, it's easy to point a finger their direction.

What #ThePeople and traditional media fail to acknowledge in our pragmatic society is that #diversity #inclusion & #equality in left-of-center & Democratic circles are still mired in the status quo of the 1950s.

Just look at the Democratic leadership in your city or county or state.

Look at the casting in Hollywood films & shows.

There isn't much diversity unless you're lookin' at the people who are cleaning & cooking for the leaders & stars of these so-called inclusive organizations. People-of-color can't even get roles as extras in Hollywood- nevermind America's board rooms & halls of government awash in whiteness.

In case you happen to catch the Oscars, take a look at the audience or the people on stage. How many Asians are there? How many blacks? Or Latinos? Not much has changed since the 1950s.

Saying you stand for equality is one thing. But there is outlandish resistance from even the left to practice inclusiveness.

But in this 21st Century of #transparency, it's high time that ALL of The People- Republicans, Democrats & in between, truly mean it when they say, "I'm not a racist," or "I believe in equality, diversity & inclusion."

If that's the case, then show America & the world that you practice #diversity & #inclusion, that you stand up for the person-of-color being mocked, derided or passed over for a job promotion.

Talkin' the talk without walkin' the walk is so 20th Century, 1950's status quo. It's time to end discrimination & racism.

Your silence will not lead to change. Democrats & the left: you are the game-changers so it's time to step up to the plate of equality.

America, it's #TimeForChange.

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