Sunday, January 26, 2014

Barack Obama: Tear Down The Walls Of Hypocrisy & #Racism; Deliver #Equality For ALL of #ThePeople

So I wonder why your cabinet doesn't reflect equality. I wonder why, when I see images of leaders in #thestateofwa's #Democratic party, there's no difference in its racial integration from the easily & often called-out #Republicans. Tonight, the home page for the Washington State Democratic party shows only white-people. And boiled crustaceans. Not a single person-of-color. This, from the party of equality?

I am often asked why I continue to support the Republican party.

My answer: Republicans don't mock #MyDream of #racial #marriage & #economic #equality. Some- not all- disagree but they listen. Not so with your party of diversity & inclusion.

Democrats in my state never respond to my attempts at communicating my concerns about equality other than ignorance of my pleas for dialogue; many have attacked my #civilrights, my ability for an equal opportunity to be included in the pursuit of my social & political livelihood as an American citizen. I have had my media hardware seized by members of your party, my private information illegally accessed which, if indeed Civil Rights violations are felonious acts, the Department of Justice & the #FBI ought to investigate fully if the #NSA does not already have the abundant data available for law enforcement review.

The harassment, the character assassination, the isolation & exclusion, the taunts - are these the values that you personally share within the Democratic party of our transparent 21st Century? Is this what will make your daughters proud when they look back at your presidency?

My dream is the same dream of Abraham Lincoln, of Martin Luther King, Jr. & countless other Civil Rights Advocates. I want to see #Diversity #Inclusion & #Equality. The process has stalled. Your leadership must be accountable to the dreams of ALL Americans.

I am disappointed that, in particular, Asians remain invisible in American board rooms & halls of government at the local, county, state & federal levels. The lack of diversity is the biggest reason that the ineptitude of the status quo continues to wreck the global economy. In my state, #WSDOT continues to waste scarce taxdollars. 

I have a dream: I would like an Asian American nominated for the Supreme Court of Our United States at your earliest opportunity.

I am not alone. 

The #TimeForChange has come. Our nation & the world are counting on your leadership to lift up the masses, the tired, the poor, the hungry, the forgotten. 

President Obama, this is your time for #deliverance. I stand beside you.

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