Thursday, January 9, 2014

Diversity & Inclusion: The Fulfillment of The United States Constitution By 2020

The sacred cause of #equality is a constant battle; my devotion to the Constitution of our United States is not just a flavor of the month or year fight. The struggle for human rights & dignity for ALL- not just some- Of #ThePeople streams forth from every pore of my body.

White folk, no matter how inclusive, can never know the sting of #racism; it's easy for someone who has never walked in the shoes of the #oppressed to mock the#dignity of someone who wants to be treated equally or to dismiss the fight for equality as a leftover thorn from the 1960s.

This is the 21st Century, folks! Look at the nation’s own President #Obama. He's been forced into #silence about racism by the powerful #statusquo that has ruled this nation with clenched fist since #TheDeclarationOfIndependence derided the continent’s indigenous peoples.

Racism is not a #Republican #issue. I have long maintained that #bigots abound in the#Democratic party, in so-called liberal circles that allege equality has already been achieved.

In my own state & to highlight the hypocrisy, #WashingtonUnitedForMarriage's #imagery in its political & presumably social ads of 2012 asserted that every #LGBTQ person, their friends & family was white! I wrote emails to its leadership asking why people of color were not represented in its marketing campaigns yet in all rallies & marches, every fundraiser, there were people of color galore leading the charge.

My correspondence did not net a single response. Instead, I was attacked; my name slandered. I discovered that even in this, the 21st century, #civilrights advocacy is as dangerous to one’s well-being as it has been since Europeans arrived on America’s shores.  

I wrote #Inslee's people. Again & as the #NSA can attest to #ThePeople, no response came.

There is no difference between the staffs & cabinets of governors & presidents of the nation. From Obama's cabinet, through the halls of Congress & down to every level of federal, state, county agencies, not much has changed in their racial make-up over the centuries. Republican, Democrat, Independent, whatever, white folk are challenged to walk the walk of diversity & inclusion. In the exclusive white bastion of power & resulting corruption that put today's government & our economy into a quandary, it's still 1950. No room at the inn for people of color- especially if you're Asian!

So to say that equality has arrived on the doorstep of every American’s home is to mock the #spirit of the #FoundingFathers, #Lincoln, #MLK & every person of color past, present & future that ever fought for equality.

Let's get real, America. #ShowMeEquality. Don't force a lie down the throats of #America- and the #world.

If you have to #launch an aggressive offensive to convince me that #equality exists for everybody or post images of you standing next to people of color to prove you're not racist, it's time for a heart-to-heart examination of the true state of equality in 21st Century America.

I'd rather enjoy time w/my pets or tend to flowers in my garden than fight hate & prejudice. If you say equality has arrived, then show me... because millions of us are not seeing it.

Until equality has been realized by every person on our homeland, I will keep marching up that mountain of MLK’s dream; until #ThePromise of our #Constitution becomes a reality. For ALL of The People.

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