Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Damage of Racism In Today's Society: Like The Nazis

Grandfathered repeatedly over time [as measured in centuries] into every position of power in government & business, the #statusquo bastion of white European authority shows an impregnable reluctance to play fair in the 21st Century- even as it preaches equality & purports to hold the dignity of ALL Earth’s peoples, regardless of skin color, race or origin, in the highest regard.

In the last 500 years, people of color - even those residing on ancestral lands must fight for parity, are forced to climb from the lowest #social #political & economic positions. What’s true in India is true in South America; what proves true in Africa & Asia rings with resounding clarity in our United States. 

Today, it remains a dangerous vocation to be an #Advocate for #CivilRights. For me, fortunately, it's much easier to speak up than be silenced.

In America, even the liberal left, the powerful Democrats continue to reflect a white washed leadership. Sure, the left talks about being inclusive. But this inclusiveness is hardly visible when you see the inner-circles of its leadership standing together in news conferences & #selfie  photo opportunities. One might see an occasional black person (with white features) in these powerful circles, and even a light sprinkle or two of Latinos, but rarely an Asian.

Asians are not even in the conversation for the next judicial nominee for the SCOTUS. Asian characters on TV still reflect Anglicized last names; even left-of-center Hollywood has not journeyed much past Mrs.Livingston from #TheCourtshipOfEddie’sFather. The actress Ming-Na Wen’s roles include being cast as Judy Roberts, Jenna Sparks, Elisha Crowe;  what’s wrong with assigning the Asian name to her role as, say, Wang Xiu Wong?

In the US, it seems the reason change is slow is that racism continues to be the rule whether you’re a Democrat, Republican or Independent.

And racism explains why corruption is rampant.

The lack of diversity & inclusion in the nation’s businesses & government allows the white race to run all over the Constitution. Just look at the parade of leaders testifying in front of ourdo-nothing Congress… all white folk whether it’s the #NSA, #IRS, #DOJ, #FBI, #WallStreet. 

Have you ever stopped to think that these idiots don’t know what the hell they’re doing in their respective positions? Why do you think the economy crashed? Because these white fools had the skills & abilities to lead a bank or a government agency? No. Regardless of their ineptitude, they got their jobs because they were well connected with the European status quo that dates back to the global age of exploration.

It’s stunning that none of these white criminals ever go to jail, yet their deliberate damage to society is Nazi-like in magnitude. Hundreds of millions of lives ruined; trillions & trillions of dollars lost. Yet no consequence; only prosperity for the white criminals. And who pays, every time? #ThePeople of Main Street.

There is one area that is accurate: just as they are in government & Wall Street, most criminals on popular crime shows are played by white people. [Sadly amusing, however, is that the prison populations in the US tend to be dominated by people of color.]

2014 is a turning point in our nation’s history. Racism cannot continue to suffocate the sacred cause of equality.

The age of technology is a powerful thing for Main Street. 

The average citizen, even an economically disadvantaged person of color, can effect change by calling out hypocrites on social media who continue to talk the talk of diversity & inclusion while practicing no such thing.

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